Areas of expertise


SIEMENS NX CAD/CAM/CAE, a complete suite of tools to propel your enterprise

Engineering analysis

Vibration, Stress, Thermal Analysis

Product Development

Creating original designs or refresh the styling of your existing product

Prototypes / CNC Machining

Quick turn-around prototype fabrication, In-house short production runs


Optimization of your existing manufacturing, production processes

Who We Are

Previous Projects:

  • SpringActive Inc: “Odyssey” robotic ankle, “SPaRK” Soldier mounted energy harvesting.
  • Argonne National Laboratory: Ultra High Pressure CO2 Reactor development.
  • Baum Bat Enterprises: Composite Baseball Bat Forming Die, Thermal and mechanical design.
  • Virginia Tech: Custom Power Electronics housing prototypes.
  • Pebble Tec Inc.: Fire and Water Bowls master mold development.
  • Energy Quest LLC: Custom rotary compressor parts fabrication.
  • Arizona State University: 3D tactile development for the visually impaired.


  • Turul Engineering employs state of the art CAD/CAM and CAE tools from Siemens.
  • We keep prototype concepts in sync with the CAM process by using NX as the product development platform. This ensures that last minute changes are quickly propagated to your toolpaths.
  • If you are tired of chaining pockets or you are cutting too much air and would like to improve your manufacturing processes, let us show you how.


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